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How to Negotiate

Everyone's caught on. We're at the point where if you want a good domain name, you're going to have to pony up some cash. In some cases, maybe it's just a few hundred bucks. In most, you're going to need to sloth over at least a grand, probably x 2 or 3. But you don't [...]


I didn't notice because I stopped subscribing to him but Tim Ferriss changed his domain name from FourHourWorkWeek.com to Tim.Blog. Well a domain change makes it sound simple; he moved his entire site to the new GTLD. Four Hour Work Week was always a clumsy domain name as Tim went over in his podcast so [...]

any publicity is good publicity sometimes

I rather like Milo Yiannopolous. Not because I necessarily espouse his beliefs but because he's so damn entertaining and without restraint. It's refreshing to see someone intelligently and deftly talk so freely. Anyways, let's not talk politics, let's discuss marketing and Milo's semi-clever acquisitions (he paid too much) and/or leasing of huge domain names. Domain [...]

negotiating a lower price digital acquisition

There is a small percentage of the population that knows just how important domain names are. By virtue of you reading these words, I'm guessing you are one of them. If you need help buying or selling a domain name, you are welcome to email me at kris@domaintothebank.com. There are any of number of reasons [...]

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Can An Average Person Actually Make Money Domaining?

you won't get rich overnight despite what you've read

No with a few exceptions. 95% of people buy a bunch of domains, never sell them and lose the money they spent buying the domains. To be profitable at flipping .coms, here's the makeup you need to have: The underlying theme to domain investing is finding inefficiencies in the market - essentially you're value investing. [...]