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2017: Acquire Digital Assets by Buying and Developing Web Properties

investing in the internet

I’m surprised more companies and individuals aren’t actively focused on building up their digital asset armory – even in 2017.

Before we begin, what the hell am I talking about?

What are digital assets?

Domain names, websites, social accounts, Amazon listings, ebooks for sale, and anything else that has value in the digital world.

What’s the difference between that and web properties?

Web properties are more narrowly defined as websites, domain names, and social accounts. Also, web properties don’t necessarily have to have value; they’re not assets until they’re worth something.

If you like investing and you think the Internet is where it’s at, your resources should be diving head first into holstering digital assets.


Because they’re super valuable!

In fact, I think developing web sites with high quality content around the niche you want to invest in is one of the smartest things you can do — it’s your way to invest in something you believe in cheaply and inexpensively and yet still somehow be in the game.

If you don’t think that’s cool, stop reading because you’re wasting your time.

Why else?

Because time is of the essence. If you’re the first in time, you can take hold of the leader spot and, in some cases, never look back.


You build up a great website, work on your SEO, and get to #1 in Google. People find you because you rank #1 in Google and start linking to you, thinking you’re the authority, you’re the best and as a result, you become entrenched as the best.

It’s really damn hard to beat someone who is locked at #1 in Google’s organic results because they always have a huge, dominant edge: Free customer acquisition cost.

Example 2:

You want to build a website around domain name investing. You better get the domain, DomainInvesting.com, for a few thousand dollars while you can because once it gets sold to a serious buyer with the same intention of developing, that brand is owned.

Example 3:

You have an idea for a micro blog/social site. You better develop it quickly because once it’s developed and marketed, you’re not replacing Twitter because Twitter’s already done it.

So Much Open Space

There is so much open space online. Yes, all of the major stuff has been somewhat saturated but there are still so many edges to hit and so much money to be made.

Gaps.com does a wonderful job pointing out just how spectacularly wide open the web is, weekly blogging about 5-figure a month (and up) opportunities.

My newest venture, ContentSites.com, is actually a 2-for-1 for me because it’s a digital business centered around helping other businesses and companies build up their digital assets with custom made content sites.

As I’ve discovered from my own experience, there are sooo many niches just sitting there, waiting to be overtaken by someone who builds a site loaded with content.

If You Think About It

If you think about it, so much of our life is dominated by the digital now.

Next time you go to an airport, look around and see how many people are on their phone or laptop. It’s like 80% and guess what they’re looking at: The web!

I know this isn’t a revelation but it should be a reminder: Things online are still growing and it’s relatively very cheap to get in and dominate, especially if you have existing infrastructure.

I’m pouring everything I have in buying and developing web properties. I recommend you do to because the ROI ceiling is extremely high and you’re exposed to multiple passive income streams.

You can read the prequel to this post here:


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I am a digital strategist and investor and offer domain name consulting and brokering. You can text or call me at 1-800-GROW-239 or email me at Kris @domaintothebank.com. Follow me @domaintothebank.

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