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Can An Average Person Actually Make Money Domaining?

you won't get rich overnight despite what you've read

No with a few exceptions.

95% of people buy a bunch of domains, never sell them and lose the money they spent buying the domains.

To be profitable at flipping .coms, here’s the makeup you need to have:

Understanding - Be able to identify investment worthy names vs. trash.
Patience - The ability to wait for someone to come along and buy (takes years sometimes).
Studying - Beginners take the time to study the market and what sells.
Capital - You have to have at least a little money to cobble together a portfolio.
Mindset - Domains are an investment capable of explosive returns but you won't get rich overnight.

The underlying theme to domain investing is finding inefficiencies in the market – essentially you’re value investing.

The more experience, data, and knowledge you have, the more you can be confident in when a domain has been overlooked or is being undervalued by the seller.

The catch is you usually can’t flip and get your ROI right away, you have to wait until either you find someone to buy your domain or they find you.

Sometimes that other person may be a domainer – and that’s okay, you can still get a great ROI flipping to another person in the industry.

But the real money comes into play when you sell to an individual, business, or company who can actually leverage the digital property and either use it for marketing or stow it away in their war chest so the competition can’t get it.

As investments, domains are very enticing and can be highly lucrative.

But it truly does take time and energy to pick this business up and actually make money consistently.

If you compile a domain name portfolio over time and just let it sit there, domaining does become a lot more passive but if you’re active in the markets and constantly looking to acquire and move inventory, it can very much become a full-time job.

So can the average person do it?

Yes, we’re all just regular people who got into domaining at some point.

But keep in mind that early domainers like Rick Schwartz (who has or has flipped some of the best domains you can own) made their money by having the foresight to buy up virtual real estate early.

Things are different now. 99.9% of the truly premium domains are taken so you have to snag expiring domains or drops or buy low on already owned domain names.

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I am a digital strategist and investor and offer domain name consulting and brokering. You can text or call me at 1-800-GROW-239 or email me at Kris @domaintothebank.com. Follow me @domaintothebank.

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