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This blog/website consists of opinion/speculation commentary and observations.  Think of this site as merely one person’s opinion to be read as entertainment.  The publisher, Kris Rivenburgh, does not purport anything to be a fact, nor does he warrant or guarantee any information contained herein to be true or accurate.

Any advice given on this blog is not professional advice in any capacity: legal, financial, medical, etc.  Although Kris is an attorney, he does not provide legal advice on his blog.  As stated above, this website contains information that may be wrong so do not rely upon it.  Moreover, the opinions contained on DomaintotheBank.com are mere speculation.

Also, the publisher does not take any responsibility whatsoever for 3rd party material including but not limited to outbound links, blockquotes, advertisements, etc.  Opinions provided by third parties on this blog through comments, interviews, or quotes are theirs and may not reflect the views of Kris.

Venue: Should any dispute arise between you and I, you agree that Dallas County, Texas will be the proper venue.

Basically, the publisher does not claim this blog to be factual.  This blog contains opinion only.  The publisher/This blog cannot be responsible for third party behavior.  The publisher/this blog does not monitor/edit tweets, comments, or anything else on a regular basis.  The publisher/this blog does not intend to harm you.  The publisher/this blog does not advocate any illegal activity.  You must accept responsibility for your own actions.

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If you believe any information to be inaccurate or wrong, please email me at kris [at] domaintothebank [dot] com.


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