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Domain Name Companies and Bad Customer Support

bad customer support is par for the course nowadays

Whereas before I’ve been more inclined to let things go, I am increasingly getting sick of being ignored by businesses and companies — especially the ones I patronize!

My response?

I’m going to call you out.

And you can apologize all you want and pull the Roger Goodell card and try to “make things right,” and you can even comp me but I’m not taking down the reviews.

The time to act like you care is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not after your customer non-support gets brought to light.

And without further ado, in the last 3 days I have been failed by 3 domaining companies. Here are the quick stories:

Sedo sends me an email that I received an offer (on a domain I’ve already had an offer was). I click on the email and there was no offer in my dashboard.

I start thinking maybe I got phished.

I call Sedo and I get an autoresponder (which I already hate) but then after I waste my time answering a few prompts, I get hung up on.

Hours later their email support got back to me but this is serious stuff. A one man operation with 3 VAs working 8 hours a day would have gotten to me quicker.

If you have a fucking phone number, don’t hang up on customers who call you with an autoresponder!

Next up is Godaddy.

They’ve got that annoying autoresponder message with the girl who goes, “Awesome, press 2.” I called in the other day TWICE and went through their maze twice and because I didn’t provide my customer number, the autoresponder hung up on me!

Godaddy used to be amazing at phone support, now they do this thing where they try to funnel you out by qualifying your phone call.

The one saving grace was the chat box popped up and I was able to chat with a very helpful rep: Eric Farrer.

Eric provided excellent customer service, he was quick, and he answered all of my questions.

If you’re only going to be helpful through chat, just say it!

And today I was tired of waiting for a bunch of “pending review” domains to go through and get into my Afternic account (read more about my praises and complaints in my Afternic review) so I called them at two different numbers.

What’s the result?

Autoresponder telling me to leave a message.

Ugh, so disappointing. I was hopeful because last week someone actually did answer their phone and gave me good answers but today – at about 10:30 am CST – I got no customer service.

Why can’t these huge companies (Godaddy is basically Afternic now) just have 3-5 people answering the phone after just a few simple prompts to funnel the calls. Even if I had to wait 30 minutes, it’d be better than wasting my time going through a dead end autoresponder.

Here are my complaint Tweets from the other day.

Do you have a complaint about a domain name company?

Let the community know what happened to you by leaving a comment.

The more we bring these things to light, the more likely they improve.

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