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Domain Name Consulting, Negotiation, and Brokering Services

negotiating a lower price digital acquisition

There is a small percentage of the population that knows just how important domain names are. By virtue of you reading these words, I’m guessing you are one of them.

If you need help buying or selling a domain name, you are welcome to email me at kris@domaintothebank.com.

There are any of number of reasons why you’d want to hire a professional:

1. Maybe the domain name you want is taken and you’d like to acquire it.

2. Maybe you want someone to negotiate a lower price for you (I can almost always get a price down 15% right off the bat).

3. Perhaps you’d like to hire an expert help in coming up with a name for your company.

4. You may also be looking for someone to strategize and coordinate a marketing campaign that involves not only your domain name but what Twitter and Facebook username/URLs you want.

5. Or you could want to discuss the SEO implications for a domain name your company is thinking about going with.

Whatever the case, I will help bring you up to speed on Internet Marketing as it pertains to you and act on your behalf to both come up with a plan and either acquire or sell the asset you’re looking to move.

I am a full time Internet Marketer and I’ve been in the industry for over a decade.

If you’d like to inquire about my services, email me at kris@domaintothebank.com.

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I am a digital strategist and investor and offer domain name consulting and brokering. You can text or call me at 1-800-GROW-239 or email me at Kris @domaintothebank.com. Follow me @domaintothebank.

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  • topb@gmx.com' Milan Vukadinovic October 20, 2017, 6:01 pm

    Dear Mr Kris,

    Open godaddy.com Enter Bondspurchase.com in search field You see this domain sells as premium for 42000euros around.
    Can you broker this domain?
    What Can your buyers offer for Bondspurchase.com.
    I Can evaluate bids Quickly.
    I read Bondprice.com sells over 120K as dynadot.com premium.
    Your brokerage fee?
    I Can return you fair brokerage fee via escrow.com.

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