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Can An Average Person Actually Make Money Domaining?

you won't get rich overnight despite what you've read

No with a few exceptions. 95% of people buy a bunch of domains, never sell them and lose the money they spent buying the domains. To be profitable at flipping .coms, here's the makeup you need to have: The underlying theme to domain investing is finding inefficiencies in the market - essentially you're value investing. [...]


Domain Name Companies and Bad Customer Support

bad customer support is par for the course nowadays

Whereas before I've been more inclined to let things go, I am increasingly getting sick of being ignored by businesses and companies --- especially the ones I patronize! My response? I'm going to call you out. And you can apologize all you want and pull the Roger Goodell card and try to "make things right," [...]



a list of good words categorized

I have created an excel spreadsheet of 810 words and related add-ons organized by niches and use specifically for domain names (screenshot above). For example, here are some positive adjectives you can describe most second words with to make a good domain: Super Smart Good Great Best On the other end, here are some good [...]

you could be in the game with one credit card swipe

If you're looking for an investment outside of the stock market, where you buy into digital growth and the proliferation of the Internet, look no further: What you will get when you buy: 570+ quality domains that I personally scouted out and purchased. Update: On December 12, I sold 1 of my domains for $4,000 [...]

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2017 Review: Afternic Selling Platform, The Good and Bad

huge reseller network

On Sunday I moved my entire domain portfolio (that was for sale) onto Afternic in hopes of selling more inventory. Before I was only listed on Godaddy Auctions (and the Godaddy search exposure that comes along with it). Below are my thoughts of Afternic after 2 days. How can they not at least give you [...]