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where to buy 1-800 vanity

Something's amiss with 1-800 toll free numbers. I don't know why but all of a sudden Grasshopper went from having a decent selection of custom 800 numbers to being completely out of "inventory". To be exact, here's what customer support told me: "At this time we do not have any 800 numbers in our inventory, [...]


Registrars with Free Whois Privacy and Cheap .coms

free whois privacy .com registration

For SEO purposes, I like to not only spread my domains across webhosts but also domain registrars. Of course, along with that I want free whois privacy. My favorite places to register are: NameBright.com - $8.53 NameSilo.com - $8.99 Above.com - $9.45 NameCheap.com - $9.71 *I have a promo code/deal locked in my account, I [...]


2017 Guide: How to Invest in Domain Names


Investing in domain names is easy: Edit: I've created a new course on buying and selling domains to provide full details on exactly what I do. Check out the trailer: Domain Name Investing Course by DomainToTheBank.com: How to Buy and Sell Domain Names and Make Money. A few notes here. First, some people believe in [...]


Why I Keep Buying Domain Names Even in 2017


I've sold $4,000 in domain names in the past two weeks. That's three, count them three domains for 4 grand in 14 days. I hold about 600 at the moment with development plans for 50 of them. And when I say development, I mean making businesses or web properties of them. So if I've got [...]


The difference is...essentially nothing. The one difference is: "A Premium listing gives your domain name more visibility in the primary GoDaddy.com search results." So if someone searches for a domain that's related or similar to the domain you have listed as premium, your domain might show up in the search results. I say might because [...]