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The following is the list of resources as recommended in my domain investing course.

Afternic.com – Domain selling platform I’m currently experimenting with. Owned by Godaddy, all names listed there show up in Godaddy’s search results as premium.

Godaddy.com – Home of Godaddy Auctions with the closeout section which is ripe for finding diamonds in the rough available to buy now. Also, the #1 place people search for domain names at which means massive exposure for sellers. Additionally, there auction house is a good place to list for sale, just know that anything listed in Auctions will trump Afternic prices as far as Godaddy’s search results.

NamePros.com – Best domain name forum in the world. Bad place to sell. Great place to buy.

Whois.com – Quickly look up the registrant of any domain by going to whois.com/whois/domainname.

DomainTools.com – Check if a domain has been registered before by doing to domaintools.com/domainname.

DomainIQ.com – Research prospective buyers for your inventory.

JustDropped.com – Find expired and recently dropped names quickly and you can register them for registration fee.

MergeWords.com – A great tool for combining words and/or prefixes and suffixes to come up and searching word combinations quickly.

NameBright.com – Not only one of the cheaper domain registrars but a place where you can bulk check up to 5,000 .coms at once. There isn’t a larger free bulk check available on the web.

These are all sites I have first hand experience with.

If you would like to find out how I leverage these sites to make money buying and selling domain names, my domain investor video course is $9.99 and will teach you exactly what I do.

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