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Two 4-Figure Domain Sales Totaling $3,270 This Weekend (One In-Person)

in person domain name sale

One was a revival of an old domain negotiation that had stalled. I lowered my price, he countered and with a slight budge, I had a $1,570 fee (he paid the Escrow fees).

The domain was 24 characters and a .com. It was a “how to” domain in a popular niche.

The other was an inbound inquiry into an “apps” domain. I quoted $2,400. He said his budget was $1,000 and after a $1,900/$1,500 shuffle, we ended at $1,700.

Done deal but… he wanted to meet in person! He said he wanted to close the deal ASAP.

I’ve never met anyone in person for a domain name sale and I didn’t want there to be a first one but I went for it because $1,700.

He was in Austin. I’m right by Dallas. That’s three hours separation.

We agreed to meet in Waco which is an hour and 30 minutes from me.

I bought this counterfeit money detector marker to decrease the chance of funny money at a nearby HEB.

We met at Starbucks and transferred the domain over to his account in a few minutes.

He REALLY wanted it so I could have asked for more but I wouldn’t have even thought to with this domain – not that it isn’t a great domain but it’s an abstract brand for apps. I can definitely see why an app developer would want it but a $2,400 ask was heavy based on NameBio -suffix app domain sales.

We ended up talking for 30 minutes about what he was doing and there’s a chance I could do contract work for him.

It was a good weekend for domain name sales.

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